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Susan Dopp Kit In Cobalt Blue

Susan Dopp Kit In Cobalt Blue

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✄ The Susan Dopp Kit is the perfect toiletry bag not only for the adventurous gals, but the adventurous lads, too! This water repellent travel bag is also lined with waxed canvas, so any spills will be either contained or kept from ruining anything within it. Big enough to carry full size toiletries, and small enough to fit into any carry-on bag. Perfect as an essential oil bag, toiletry bag, make-up bag, or even a pencil bag. ✄ Body and liner are both made from organic, cobalt blue waxed canvas. Waxed canvas acts as a natural water repellent. ✄ Strap is sewn and riveted to the body for extra durability. ✄ Lovingly designed & hand-crafted in Dallas, Tx from U.S. sourced materials. __________________________________________________________________________________________ She’s always there when you call, but you know better than to expect her to be able to make it to tonight’s get together. She’s at it again: out, somewhere in this world and will not be back until Thursday night. You start to wonder which corner of the world she could be at, and that’s when she asks: “How’s your Friday looking? I leave for France early Saturday, I’m going to the Musee d'Orsay.” She’s a free-spirit, with her head in the clouds, exploring this Earth in search for knowledge, adventure, and experiences. All she ever needed in life was a plane ticket, curiosity to explore the world and the courage to say “hi” to the next unsuspecting stranger.-- Just like that time, nearly ten years ago, when the stranger she said “hi” to was you. __________________________________________________________________________________________ ✄ THE DETAILS: ● Measurements: 4.5 in x 4.5 in x 9.5 in long. ● Body and liner are organic, cobalt blue waxed canvas. ● Rivets added at stress points for durability. ● Tag made from organic cotton. ✄ Meet Marie, the perfect tote and travel companion to your new Susan dopp-kit, here:
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